Online Intelligence ISSB Tests for Pak Army, PAF and Pak Navy

ISSB Intelligence and General Knowledge Tests for PAK Army, PAF And Pak Navy

What are online ISSB Intellignce Tests?

Intelligence tests are very important to join Armed Forces.They have their own vital role in selection of the candidates.They express the basic I.Q of a candidate. They bring out the mental power of the candidate.

What is the purpose of online tests for Pak Army, Pak Navy and PAK Air Force?

The purpose of conducting ISSB intelligence tests is to select those candidates who posses a healthy body as well as mental faculties. In the service of an officer, he faces complicated conditions. As in such situations not only his live but lives of numerous soldiers under his command are under risk. If the officer has sharp intellect then he can withstand in such situations. 

How to Take online ISSB Tests for PAK Army, PAF and PAK Navy?

There are mostly two types of intelligence tests for Initial Selection

  • Verbal Intelligence 
  • Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests 
  • Mechanical Aptitude Test 

Candidates need a lot of practice in order to get preparaed for the ISSB Intelligence Tests

First we explain Verbal Intelligence Test in ISSB

Verbal  Intelligence Tests of ISSB include simple intelligence questions in verbal form. There are many types of verbal intelligence tests. But here are some important types which are used in I.S.S.B tests and other selection tests for the PAK armed Forces.

Second type of intelligence tests is ISSB Non Verbal Intelligence tests

In this type off test, some figures are shown and there is some kind of sequence between them. We have to find the sequence and then select the suitable figure from asnwers.

Here we are providing you some online verbal intelligence tests.

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