Untold Story of Shahdat of Arslan Shaheed

He was just 22-year-old officer and was commanding a post in Rajgal Valley, which borders with Afghanistan. It came under heavy fire from the Afghanistan side. Arsalan Alam was martyred as a result of this attack.

Lieutenant Arsalan Alam who is the son of this motherland is martyred recently in Rajgal on Saturday in Khyber Agency.

He was the only brother of his three sisters. His parents are proud of their sons who sacrificied his life for the glory and hounour of his country. He got comission in Pak army as 2nd Lieutenant through 135 PMA Long Course.

On Social media, a screen shot of Lt. Arslan was also got viral in which he chatted with his friend saying that he’s going for operation and waiting for the bullet. 

And his wish became true as he got martyred in Rajgal Valley on Saturday.

His funerial prayer was offered in Garrisson Park Peshawar and was burried in his native village with hounour and Salami by the Pakistan Army.

MURREE – Lieutenant Arsalan Alam, who was martyred in a cross-border attack on Saturday in Khyber Agency, was laid to rest on Sunday in his native village in Murree.

Alam was laid to rest today in his native town of Gail, Murree with full military honours.

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