PMA Long Course Initial Interview Question and Answers

Complete Details About Initial Interview for PMA  Long Course with Questions and Answers 

What is Initial Interview for PMA Long Course?

After passing the initial selection test, physical and initial medical test for PMA Long Course, an initial interview is hold by the Army Selection and Recruitment Centre in order to determine the suitability of candidate for the PMA Long Course.

The selected candidates from initial interview of PMA Long ourse   are then issued with ISSB Forms which are filled and submitted within two days.    

Complete Interview Guide for PMA Long Course Initial Interview

Initial Interview for PMA Long Course is an important step for the selection of the suitable candidates. A successful initial interview for PMA Long Course can win a chance of decent carrier for a candidate. 

    Generally initial interview of PMA Long Course gives the true image of a candidates personality. Mostly in this initial interview such questions are asked which bring out the true image of a candidate’s personality,his familiarity with general information and national as well as common issues of that society.

What are the Key points for Sucess in Initial Intervew of PMA Long Course

Here are the most important characteristics which can lead towards a perfect interview. 

First key point for Initial interview for the PMA Long Course selection is Dress.

Dress is the the mirror of a candidate personality. Your dress code during your initial interview for PMA Long Course matters alot. So,candidate’s dress code should be very clean, well-fitted and suitable for his personality. Expensive dresses doesn’t lead to a perfect interview. Your true personality is the key role for success in interview.


Chose that dress which is neat and clean,Fit and suitable for your personality. 

Second things which matters a lot in Initial Interview of PMA Long Course is Your Entrance in Room.

Before your turn, make sure your dress and your hair style etc is well. Then when the bell ring, Never rush immediately towards the room. Stay calm, Take a long breath and open the door and ask for the permission “may i come in sir”??

   Wait for the reply from officer. If he’s not responding stay calm and ask again.When you are allowed to enter, just say “Aslam_o_alakum” and ask for your seat i.e

“Aslam_o_alakum sir, can i take my seat?”

Then after permission take your seat and sit in such manner as shown below

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Never cross your legs or your hands.

Note: Never offer hand-shake with officer. If officer offers you then shake hand otherwise it is strongly not recommended.

Third and the central key point in PMA Long Course Initial Interview is your  Manners

In an interview,little things matter much.

Remember these points.

  1. Always look into eyes of officer while talking and try to make eye-contact.
  2. Face should posses a smile on it.
  3. Don’t stare at the officer.
  4. Face expression should be very calm and natural.
  5. Don’t try to make any kind of movement or adjust your hairs or dress etc while interview.
  6. Think first then speak.
  7. Never try to make a false answer as the officers are always specialized in their respective fields.
  8. If you don’t know the answer then say “I don’t know”
  9. Never bluff yourself or keep on thinking on one question. 
  10. Don’t show unnecessarily knowledge. 

Things to Remember during Initial interview of PMA Long Course

  • Speak in natural way
  • answer of questions should be to the point and relevant.
  • don’t try to be over clever.answer only if you have.Don’t try to put wrong or false statements.
  • make conversation pleasant as much as possible with officers.
  • must listen and observe carefully while officer ask you a question. If you are not sure if whats the question then ask without hesitation to repeat the question.
  • Never try to interpret officer while he is questioning or talking even if you know the answer let the question complete.
  • Be natural as much as possible.
  • As in I.S.S.B,Candidate has given psychological tests which gives the image of his personality.So, never make difference b/w what you written in psychological tests and your interview.  

Check here complete info about Questions asked in Initial Interview of PMA Long Course 

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